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vendredi 10 mars 2017

madden nfl 17

Greeted with skepticism immediately after his announcement, EA Access is proving a very interesting service for all those who appreciate a certain type of games and which could in this case justify the price of any subscription.

One of the most interesting features of EA Access is the presence of the vault, collecting complete and totally free games to all subscribers. Already now the Vault proposes an offer pretty good titles, but, apparently, in the next three months will be reached Top 40 games available.

As reported by, have recently been made available Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 in the coming months will be proposed titles like Dead Space Ignition, Madden NFL 17, Skate 3 and Zuma's Revenge. Beyond the Vault, subscribers can also try Mass Effect: Andromeda before all others, starting from 16 March.

What do you think of EA Access and news coming?

At a recent investor conference the CEO of EA's Andrew Wilson spoke about the new FIFA 17. At present we still know very little about the game, but according to his statements, this chapter will represent "a big step forward in terms of customization, involvement and competition. "
The game will arrive between July and September (most likely in September) and we will soon have new details. We invite you to stay with us for all the news.

Nippon Ichi Software has released the first in a series of films dedicated to the characters present in Exile Election, his adventure game in which a group of people is trapped in an amusement park and compelled to "elect" who among them will be "exiled" until they will be not only two.

This first clip, which you can see as usual the player below or directly on YouTube by following the link at the bottom, presents the characters of Alice, voiced by Hiromi Igarashi. Alice is a mysterious mechanical doll that defines the human administrator who will survive.

You, along with R.B.I. Baseball, the sport's longest-running series in the world, a real institution overseas, that we have been able to create around himself a solid crowd of aficionados. Madden NFL has collected since 1988 about thirty editions, on disparate platforms, becoming over the years, including a lack of opponents because of exclusive licenses, the only way for users to deal with professional football. The edition dedicated to the 2016-2017 season of the National Football League promised, since the first rumors, interesting with detailed news, perfect strengthen a proven structure, which in the Madden NFL 16 had reached an exemplary maturity perhaps never previously observed .
fortissimamente Franchise
It behemoth Rob Gronkowski, tight end for the New England Patriots and cover man this year, to welcome in the loading menu of Madden 17, waiting to get their hands on the news that, as usual, are explained in the opening through a very explanatory video. Revolutions from year to year are not suitable for Electronic Arts, but knows how to dose the best new and often decisive feature, in addition to incremental refinements.

Following the success of Madden 16 would indeed be counterproductive completely overturn a structure that had taken years to stabilize. The novelty of the new edition will focus especially on the side of pure gameplay, with important incursions in the foundational structure of the Franchise, increasingly gravitational center of the series, with all due respect to the other modes, Madden Ultimate Team in the first place. If in other securities (someone told FIFA?) EA Sports seems preferable to an upgrade of the Career, Franchise or if you prefer, attention increasingly pervasive for the Ultimate Team, Madden fortunately this does not happen. This year, the main novelty of the mode that allows us to drive our team season after season is called Play the Moment. It will not be baseball, but the timing of a football game, play by play if played with a proper playing time, they can often seem eternal, especially for those accustomed to sports more lightning in carrying them out. Not to mention entire seasons ...

Tiburon, the historical developer of Madden series, has thought of those who can not afford to spend hours and hours in front of the television, introducing Play the Moment: thus, you can only play the crucial phases of the match, whether offensive or defensive, and leave everything else to the automatic management, with a Super Sim system further refined compared to previous years.
A match than an hour could well end in fifteen minutes, while maintaining scores and realistic statistics, important details for those who want to strike up their seasons on numbers comparable to what is offered by the real NFL. Scrolling through the menus, a bit 'cumbersome and heavy as unfortunately usual, we find unchanged the backbone of the Connected Franchise, introduced for the first time in Madden 25, 2013.

We may as well face the seasons in robes player, head coach or owner. In the latter case all the tasks, from technical to financial ones, will be in our hands, as well as the decision to move the team to another city or to build a new stadium. Here we would have expected, after three years, some new entries, but the available cities, models of pre-stage names and selectable uniforms are always the stessi.Primo and dieciChi has few year on his shoulders remind undoubtedly the criticism of the Madden gameplay by fans of the NFL 2K series, by all accounts the top of the football simulation (NFL 2K5, old now twelve years old, is still considered a benchmark for the genre). new madden mobile hack

The Tiburon work has often sinned excessive arcade inspiration, with the ever-favorite airplane game in a realistic representation of the stroke patterns. Guilty of a collision system never really credible, even after insertion of Engine Physical Infinity, from Madden 13. As time passed, including missteps and improvements, and especially no more competition, EA Sports has taken the road right, that street that now bears Madden 17 at the top for the quality of gameplay and realismo.L'ultimo chapter introduces a totally new series of racing stages management, collisions with credible and finally a series of very different options that will allow our running back to choose on the fly the best solution to overcome the defensive line. This is partly a revamped interface for beginners and beyond, prompting you to press certain keys at the right moment to make spin, false, charges and dips.

The average difficulty has risen, and gain yards on a running game will never be trivial, even on a third and inches seemingly easy. Occasionally the player will not respond with the readiness that we would expect, but in the new building complex runs like a charm. Some tweak also in the air, especially on the defensive side: the players managed by AI seem more ready to follow the traces of the receivers, no "supernatural" movement (how many remember the robo-linebacker, able to intercept balls without even looking at them? ).

And speaking realism, fans of long course will certainly spent the nights, year after year, to set the best sliders, to address the major shortcomings of the game. In Madden 17, the writer has personally witnessed for the first time in fifteen years the call from the referees of a pass interference, without having put his hand to the slider, and without in any way changing the default settings of the gameplay.

In general, the flag more often appear, something that returns a very much more plausible to our feeling partite.It's all about presentationUn'altra chronic shortage of Madden has always been the presentation. Without withdrawing into play again NFL 2K5, which two generations ago could already count on higlights from other fields, pre and post-match studies with official coverage ESPN, half-time reports and so on, the series of EA Sports has always left a bitter taste for those who expect from a sports title to license a solid television soul. This year the music has changed, from the comments out of the soporific Nantz and Simms, in Gaudin and Davis, with much more crisp and detailed interventions.